No opportunities exist at this moment. Please contact Damian Dowling to discuss opportunities to join the research group.

Interested applicants should contact Damian Dowling to discuss ideas and funding opportunities.

The Australian Research Council scheme funds a dedicated and lucrative postdoctoral scheme for applicants within five years of conferring their PhD (http://www.arc.gov.au/ncgp/decra/instructions.htm).

There are also many international schemes that will fund postdoctoral work in Australia.

The PhD degree at Monash University is a three year research intensive course, during which time the students will engage and lead cutting edge research projects that are published in international journals, and contribute to their research thesis.

PhD students are supported by scholarships that all cover living expenses, and scholarships that waive tuition fees. These scholarships are competitive, with intake twice per year (applications close 31 May, 31 October).

Interested applicants should contact Damian Dowling, with brief description of their research interests, CV, and copy of their undergraduate academic transcript.

The School of Biological Sciences will offer ‘top-up’ scholarships of >$5000 to the most outstanding applicants. For furher information on the PhD program at Monash, see: http://www.monash.edu.au/migr/

I generally take on one to two students per year to work on 10 month research projects as part of the Monash undergraduate Honours program.

Students wishing to take this one year long research program should contact me in the first instance, and read about our program at http://monash.edu/science/about/schools/biological-sciences/honours/

team member

team member